Accelerating companies in the new customer era

By creating smart digital solutions

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Consulting & Innovating

Combining experience from business and technology.
Creating innovative solutions and propositions.
Introducing new products and digital channels.
Building and managing a multivendor environment.

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Developing Digital Solutions

Web presentations and self-service portals.
Clients- partners- employees portals and zones.
Multi- and omnichannel solutions.
Integration platforms and "core" system solutions.

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Maintenance & Developing

Ensuring infrastructure operation and development.
“Cloudization” solutions -AWS, Azure, private cloud-.
Infrastructure and application audits.
Testing user experience and IT solutions’ benefits.

We Call Our Procedure And Methodology Lundegaard Acceleration Framework

A comprehensive approach combining our business know-how and modern technologies that help companies outperform the competition.​

Exploring Your Digitalization Potential​

  • Evaluating the level of your digital maturity
  • Helping to formulate hypotheses and vision

Transforming Technical Architecture​

  • Helping erase technological debt
  • Optimizing infrastructure cloudization

Digitalizing Your Products and Services​

  • Bringing services and products closer to the "new customer" expectations
  • Designing innovative methods

Scaling Growth with Digital Ecosystems​

  • Connecting you with partners and platforms
  • Automating the data transfer
  • Accelerating your growth by engaging in a network economy
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We Push Companies Forward

Improving the customer experience

Ilustration - Improving the customer experience

By systematically managing the digital experience and implementing self-service zones or portals. You will be able to streamline processes and make life easier for your employees, suppliers, partners, and customers.

Connecting platforms and creating new digital ecosystems

Ilustration - Connecting platforms and creating new digital ecosystems

By integrating into one platform, you get the advantage of an interconnected solution. Your data will be given the context needed for effective management and business goals planning. You will be able to accelerate your business through processes and data automation.

Harnessing the potential of data and artificial intelligence

Ilustration - Harnessing the potential of data and artificial intelligence

Based on user behavior in the digital environment, we can predict what the users want or what problem they deal with. Thanks to this, are we able to personalize the offer in real-time to each of your customers. Or make the employee agenda clearer.

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